The M8plus pack v1.4.1 of the PBL Metoo Edition


* The bios loader is based on Phoenix Bios Loader 1.3 and works with all
  Xboxes (retail kernels 3944-5838). This is not a Phoenix release and they
  are not to blame for it. :)

* Contains a BFM (Bootable From Media) image of EvolutionX M8+ bios with IGR
  and LBA48 added by NghtShd's EVtool 1.0.9. BFM works with Xboxes v1.0-1.6.

The included image Metoo-M8plus_16-06.bin has the following
settings/patches (can be edited with the included EVtool.exe):

* Partition 6 (F drive) takes rest of the hard disk space
* Quick IGR
* Eject trick (improved over the original, can't be edited with EVtool)
* X2 style Xbox Live blocking (can't be edited)

The image Metoo-M8plus_16-06-EF.bin is otherwise the same except it
has eject fix (this is the corresponding image to the one in M8 pack v1.0).


* Choose one of the bios images and edit boot.cfg to match the file name.

* Copy the files default.xbe, boot.cfg and the bios image to a directory
  on your Xbox. Then run default.xbe.
  (Metoo default.xbe is signed with habibi-key.)


From v1.4 to v1.4.1:

* Name changed from M8pack to M8plus pack :)
* These bioses have a new 2bl BFM footer format.
* Support for kernel parameter SHADOW and a new one, AVSAVE, to be able to
  pass saved screen states across bios loading.
* The Metoo bios loader also has a new Screen blank option, though the default
  option (keep current screen) ought to be fine.

From v1.3 to v1.4:

* Fixed a *stupid* bug in the blocking patch.

From v1.2 to v1.3:

* Added X2 style XBL blocking to the bios images.

From v1.1 to v1.2:

* A minor bug-fix in the code. The bug didn't affect anything, though.

From v1.0 to v1.1:

* Improved BFM kernel patch. Works now with Crimson Skies and Enter The Matrix.
* Added improved eject trick patch

Enjoy. :)