Xbox Open Transport Tycoon v1.1-HCl

Okay, here's version 1.1 of my open transport tycoon port..
Read the original openttd's readme.txt for installation notes
(you need to have the original transport tycoon deluxe datafiles and copy them to data/)

Also, when you add music, you need to rename all the *.gm files in the gm/ directory
to *.mid.

Supplied with this release is a compiled win32 version of the network branch of openttd,
Which has working multiplayer support, so you can play against other win32 and xbox players.

Xbox Open Transport Tycoon v1-HCl:

- Working internet/netplay 
  (if you know the address of a server)
  (hosting on the xbox should be possible too, as long as you know your xbox' ip)
- Added joystick support
- Added music caching

Known bugs:

- joystick -> mouse is slightly dodgy, i'll post the code thats used for it on the 
  forums, so if people want to write a better working joystick -> mouse function, they
  can offer suggestions what to replace it with
- loading midis/songs for the first time takes a long time, causing pauses in the game
  when loading a new song. (ranges roughly from 3-15 seconds)
   * I tried adding code to load them all on startup, but then it takes too long to start,
     and staring at a black screen for 3-5 minutes isn't everything.
- screen is completely filled and not moved/scaled down, this due to the stretch and
  move screen completely having no effect whatsoever, gonna have to alter its graphic
  routines to get it right.
  (trouble seeing some buttons, amount of cash, year)

Xbox Open Transport Tycoon v1.1-HCl:

- fixed/added screen stretch and position, configurable by editing the values in xottd.cfg
  (first two numbers are top left x, y, second two numbers are the bottom right adjustments
   which actually should be in the minus (works oddly.))


- better joystick -> mouse routine
- fix the local lan games to use the xbox system link interface so it'll work over 
  kai and xbc
  (networking already works as long as you know a server ip)

K, thats about it..


hydrochloric AT


I don't think i'll ever do those points on the todo list, once i got a good location
(website/server whatever) to release my source, i'll put it up along with the source of
my personal version of libsdlx (libsdlx 0.11-HCl)