PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v12


what's new:

 - Improved speed 5-10% on average

 - Most recent version of standard GUI (lots of updates since last version)

 - Fixed a bug with loading save states 

 - Fixed problem where it was impossible to return to main menu

 - Changing discs now works (tested with Chrono Cross)

 - Upload/Download configurations to/from xport.xbox-scene.com via GUI

 - Implemented FF9 movie fix - select the option from the CPU fixes menu

 - Diablo works now (?) see notes

 - Fixed default ROM path not being set at startup

 - Support for simultaneous shared memory cards and game-specific memory cards.
   To select a game-specific memory card, change the Memory Card number to 10
   via the Game Configuration menus.
 - Memory card settings saved per game

 - Merged in PEOPS SPU v1.9
   * speed optimized ADSR mixing

 - Merged in PEOPS GPU v1.16
   * Dark Forces fix - set it on the Graphics Fixes Menu
   * Skullmonkeys y-coordinate fix

Upload/Download Configurations

This is a new GUI feature that allows you to share your configuration files with
the rest of the world.  

At the time of this version, there are only a few configuration files available 
on the website.  Once you have a game tweaked and working well, please take a few 
moments to upload the configuration.  This is as simple as selecting the "Upload" 
option on the Game Configuration menu.  Downloading a configuration can be 
accomplished in very much the same manner by selecting the "Download" option.

Diablo Works

This is rather strange.  I remember trying Diablo (US version) a long time ago and 
noting that things seemed like they would be OK except that the controls did not 
work.  Later, someone else confirmed this on the PCSXBox compatibility list.  However,
now it works in BIOS mode.  I cannot recall what version was the last time I tested
it or if anything changed or perhaps I tried BIOS mode when there was no actual
BIOS file and it defaulted to HLE mode.  (This would be before I put in the check
that informs the user if the BIOS is not actually present.)

Compatibility has most likely not changed, but I thought this was worth mentioning.

Save States

I've noticed that save states work seemingly randomly, but if you are
persistent in loading them, they will eventually work.  There may be certain 
games where save states simply do not ever work, but I strongly suggest that
you try loading them over and over several different ways (e.g. via Autoload
most recent savestate, via the on-screen menus, and via the button combo in-game).
Chances are they will work eventually.  This has always been the case - nothing
has changed with save states in this release.  I just thought it was noteworthy.

Memory Cards

In addition to the 10 shared memory cards, there is now an option to use a 
game-specific memory card.  This is a memory card that is unique to the game
you are playing.  You can have 2 of them per game (slot 1 and slot 2). 

To enable the feature, change the Memory Card number to 10 in the Game 
Configuration menus.

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PachiX, BlobWarsX, OdysseyX, ArnoldX, X68000X, WinUAEX
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PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v11


what's new:

 - Simplified menus

 - Help menu

 - New button options from Game Selection menu :
     X     - Configure Game
     BLACK - Delete save files for selected game
     WHITE - Adds/Removes selection as a favorite

 - HQ2X graphics filter

 - Option to startup with background music disabled

 - Option to startup on the favorites game selection screen or the regular game selection screen

 - Option to confirm overwriting save states

- Support for Linux Relax sharing
   At this time, your linux share name must contain the "/" character somewhere
   if you want it to be recognized as a linux share.
   For example :

   rlxshare=/home/player/[email protected]:1400

 - Possible Samba fix/improvement : see next item

 - New network configuration parameters : XBox IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP.
   Access these through the Configuration -> Network Options menu or change
   them in the INI file :

   LOCAL_IP is the XBox IP address
   SUBNET_MASK is the subnet mask 
   GATEWAY_IP is your default gateway

   Set these to the same values you use in your XBMP configuration file.
   This might help people with Samba issues.

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Vice20X, VicePETX, KegsX, XPired, AdamX, WonderSwanX...
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Merry Christmas!



PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v10


What's New:

 - Update to current UI bugfixes/features 

 - Music Control Menu - press LTHUMB anywhere to bring up the music control menu.
   This is also a customizable controller action while in-game.  Configure it
   via the Controller Configuration -> UI Mappings menu.

 - Can now save any string setting (like Samba/Relax share names) and directory
   locations via menus.  To change Samba/relax share names, go to Configuration ->
   Network/Netplay Configuration.  To change the default directories, go to
   Configuration -> Change Default Directories 

 - Can enter descriptions for cheat codes using virtual keyboard or real keyboard.

 - Can now wrap backwards from first screenshot to last screenshot

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, 
FMSXBox, Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26X, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox, XBoyAdvance, 
DOSXBox, AtariXLBox, MirrorMagicX, KoboX, MaelstromX, MarblesX, Vice64X...
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PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v9


What's New:

 - Relax sharing works now

 - Turning off background music option works now 

 - Fixed little bug that was making everything very quiet


PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v8


What's New:

 - Cleaned up video handling and rewrote some video routines resulting in
   about 10-20% framerate improvement.  For example, Castlevania SOTN
   ran at about 52 fps before, and now it runs at over 60fps with dips to 58fps
   from time to time.  

 - Implemented P.E.Op.S. PSX Soft GPU v1.15 - relevant changes :
    + Fixed frame limitation if "old skipping method" is used
    + Added sprite x coord wrap (skullmonkey)

 - Many miscellaneous bug fixes that were applied to the other recent emu releases

 - Relax support

 - Basically the same set of features as the most recent other emu ports I've done


PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v7

What's New:
 - Fixed freezing during loading of XBE (see below)
 - Fixed freezing during loading of game (see below)
 - Press Y from any file listing to go up one directory
 - Settings files (STG) will be saved with graphics filter now.
   The settings file format should remain static.  
 - Background Music should stay stopped or stay started when
   entering/exiting a game now.
 - New Configure Skin menu option - Show Available Memory
   Shows how much memory is currently available.
   Please remember that sometimes an emulator will allocate memory the
   first time it is run - so when you are making a skin be sure to run
   the emulator at least once before determining how much memory you have
   left for your skin.
 - Small change to Samba routine - but it's not likely it changes much.


moneyshotz has reported that the following SMB share format worked for him:


MSHOME = workgroup name
moneyshotz = computer name
PSXRoms = share name = IP address of the computer which is sharing PSXRoms

So please try that method as well as those listed below.

If PCSXBox was freezing on you before it even got to the Main Menu

 - Remove the E:/UDATA/ffff051f/0FC41366546E/ directory as well as 
   everything inside it.  (There should only be one SaveMeta.XBX file
   in that directory and it is probably 0-length.)  Be sure that you
   remove the 0FC41366546E directory completely.  Don't just delete the 
   SaveMeta.XBX file.


 - Install PCSXBox v7

If PCSXBox was freezing on games that worked in previous versions

 - Remove the E:/UDATA/ffff051f/0FC41366546E/ directory as well as 
   everything inside it.  (There should only be one SaveMeta.XBX file
   in that directory and it is probably 0-length.)  Be sure that you
   remove the 0FC41366546E directory completely.  Don't just delete the 
   SaveMeta.XBX file.


 - Delete the STG and KEY files associated with the game you are trying to play.
   For example, if your game is called CASTLE.BIN, then delete the following

 - Install PCSXBox v7

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PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v6

What's New:
 - Samba/NetBIOS fix.  This should hopefully fix the problems that some people
   have been having with Samba/NetBIOS shares.
 - New SKIN features :
     + Can specify 2 sprites to surround the selected menu option
       Be sure to re-install the PCSXBOX_DEFAULT skin in this package
       to see an example.
     + Option to have a transparent select-bar color (from select-color menu)
 - Fixed bug where MP3 would start up again after game ends even if it was stopped.
 - All *.PNG screenshots in screenshots dir will be displayed on game select
   screen regardless of filename now.
 - Fixed bug where fade speed of 0 resulted in game-loading screen not displaying
 - New graphics filters :
     + 2xSai Scanline
     + Super 2xSai Scanline
     + Eagle Scanline
     + Super Eagle Scanline
     + SuperScale Scanline
 - New netplay option to allow for smoother netplay : netplay skip.
   When server starts netplay, you can select a netplay skip value.
   This number specifies how often it should skip checking for network data.
   The higher the number, the less often it checks for network data, but the
   result will be a less responsive controller.

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox,
Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox....what's next?



PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v5

What's New:
 - Fixed bug when reloading favorites list containing files with spaces in them
 - Fixed bug where screenshots were not displaying on favorites list
 - Samba/NetBIOS library updated and added option for a nameserver
 - XBE should now load regardless of any screwy settings
 - New option - see full path or just filename on favorites list
 - Changed location of save files to E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX
   Existing save files will be moved there.
 - User definable save directory.  If you don't like the default of
   E:\SAVES\PCSXBOX you can change it via the PCSX.INI file
 - New option - overwrite D:\PCSX.INI and D:\EMUSKINS\SKINNAME\SETTINGS.INI
   files with current settings.  Makes it easier to package up your custom
 - Loading a new skin should work correctly now
 - Record/Playback feature - record your gameplay in the emu and then
   play it back again.  Record up to 10 minutes of gameplay.
 - New main menu option "Configure Game"  Set all configuration for a game
   from the main menu so you can just click on the game to play it.

Note on Samba/NetBIOS Shares

There are two INI file settings relating to Samba/NetBIOS sharing and they both
reside in the [GENERAL] section of PCSX.INI:


The smbshare parameter accepts many different formats.  Here are the most 


Please try all of the above combinations before deciding it does not work.
Also be aware that some people have to select their SMB drive in PCSXBox a few
times before any files appear.

If it's still not working, then set the nameserver equal to the IP address of
the computer you are trying to reach or set it equal to your NetBIOS name server.
(If you don't know what a NetBIOS name server is, then just set it to the 
IP address of the computer you are trying to reach.)

Also remember that when you make changes to PCSX.INI, you have to do a 
"Force Reload of D:\*.INI" from the Configuration Menu or else the changes
you made to PCSX.INI will not be loaded.  

User Definable Save Directory

There is another new INI file setting that can be placed in the PCSX.INI 
[GENERAL] section :


This specifies the directory where you want PCSXBox to save your files.  Please
note that the PCSX.INI and SKIN_SETTINGS.INI files that reflect your actual
PCSXbox settings and skin settings will *always* reside in the default save
directory which is E:\SAVeS\PCSXBOX    

If you already have saved games, don't worry.  PCSXBox will move those save
game files to the new directory automatically the first time you run v5.

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox,
Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox....what's next?



PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v4

This is a completely new UI which I plan on incorporating into most of my other 
releases.  I tried to include as much customization and as many features as 
possible, but I'm sure there will still be changes and additions that people 
will want to see.  Please provide feedback on the xbox-scene.com emulation 
forums so that this UI can be refined and then placed into the other ports.

What's New :

 - Customizable skins
    - Backgrounds
    - Sounds
    - Background Music
    - Sprites
    - Text position (right/left/center, top/bottom/center)
    - Text color, select bar color
    - Font
    - Fading speed
    - Screenshot position
    - If you want to change the way something looks in this new UI,
      chances are that you can change it via the Configuration menu.

 - Default Castlevania:SOTN skin gives example of what you can do.

 - Netplay (2 players)

 - Samba/NetBIOS support (read CD images from your PC)

 - Every single in-game command is fully customizable on any of the
   four joypad controllers.

 - Map any emulator or UI command to a single button or a combination of
   two buttons.  (e.g. RTrigger+LTrigger = Save State)

 - Autofire capabilities for any emulator button on any controller

 - One-button combos (define a series of emulator commands to be played
   back when you press a user-definable XBox controller combination.)
   (E.g. Press RTrigger+LTrigger to run the series of commands that
   will cast Soul Steal in Castlevania)

 - Traverse any directory on any drive ( Continue selecting the parent
   directory entry on the file selection list to get the drive selection
   list.  Selectable drives are C, D, E, F, R, X, Y, Z, and SMB. 
   R is the CDROM drive.  SMB is the samba share you have defined in your
   pcsx.ini file.)

 - 10 save state slots

 - Take in-game screenshots which can later be browsed and can also
   be viewed on the game-selection list.

 - All UI commands (save state, load state, screenshot, etc) can be
   invoked from the Options/Pause menu as well as in-game via your
   customized joypad mappings.

 - New graphics filters :
    - 2xSai
    - Super 2xSai
    - Eagle
    - Super Eagle
    - SuperScale
    - AdvanceMame 2x
    - Simple 2x

 - Can be invoked from a command-line to directly run a game from a front-end
   or dashboard and bypass the user-selection screens. (Only if the frontend
   or dashboard supports this feature.)

 - Can return to the launching program *if* the launching program supports this
   feature.  For example, if the custom-launch routines are incorporated into 
   a new frontend, that frontend could launch PCSXBox and when you exit 
   PCSXBox, that frontend can be automatically reloaded.  

 - Support for M3U playlists of MP3 files.  (Currently only supports MP3 files)
   (Can also read MP3/M3U from across Samba shares.)

 - Favorites list

 - Save Game management - delete save game files

 - CD-Changing should hopefully be fixed

 - Schmoke and a pancake

What's Not New:
 - Compatibility - this version does not fix or break any games from v2/v3.

Various Important Notes:


Almost everything can be changed from the configuration menu.  Here are the
things that require manual modifications to the PCSX.INI file included in
the package:

Samba share name - goes in the [GENERAL] section.  Example:


Screenshot directory - default is E:\SCREENSHOTS - goes in [GENERAL] section


Skin directory - where skins can be found.  Default is D:\EMUSKINS - goes in
[GENERAL] section.  Example:


If you change any of the above items, then you must upload the new PCSX.INI
file to your XBox, load up PCSXBox, then select "Force Reload D:\\*.ini 
Settings" from the Configuration menu.  Please note that this will overwrite
any of the setting changes you might have made after you first loaded

Menu Navigation

Select menu options with the DPAD or with R/LTrigger.  The speed of 
R/LTrigger movements can be controlled by :

Configuration -> Menu Scroll Speed

There are some places where you can enter or change values.  This 
can usually be done in a variety of ways include DPAD Left/Right, 
R/L Trigger, and L/R Thumb.  Try all of them if the values are changing
too slowly.


In order to netplay with someone, follow these steps:

 - Go to the Configuration menu
 - Select Netplay options
 - Turn netplay on
 - Add a server if you are going to connect to someone else
 - Select the game to play
 - If netplay is on, it will ask you if you want to be the client
   or the server.  One person is the client, and the other is the server.
   If you are the server, the game will wait until the client has
   joined.  If you are the client, make sure the server is ready to accept
   your connection before continuing.  
 - Once a connection has been made, it should work fine.

NOTE : You both MUST be using the *EXACT* same game and the *EXACT* same
settings.  I would be *extremely* surprised if the PAL version of a game
worked via netplay with an NTSC version of the same game.  Make sure
you are also using the same emulation method (HLE or BIOS).  The CPU
and Graphics settings all must be the same.

The server player is always player 1.  The client player is always player 2.

I don't know how well netplay will work across real networks.  Two xbox's 
on the same intranet work very well, though.

If your connection is lost during gameplay, just wait 30 seconds and
you can return to the game select menu.  (Or you can always reboot...)


Instructions for making a new skin:

 - Create a new directory off of your SKINS directory (default skins directory
 - Place your sound/font/graphic media files in this new directory 
 - Load PCSXBox
 - Select Configuration
 - select Configure Skin
 - Use the menus to select your new media files and change your settings

If you wish to use sprites in your new skin, then read the following:

 - Create a subdirectory off of your new skin directory called SPRITES
 - In this new SPRITES directory create a 0-based numeric directory for
   each sprite you wish to make.  This means that if you have 4 sprites
   you wish to load, the directory names *must* be called 0, 1, 2, and 3.

   Do not call them 1, 2, 3, and 4.  
   Do not call them 0, 3, 5, 6.  
   Do not call them SPRITE1, SPRITE2, SPRITE3, SPRITE4.  

   Inside each of these new directories, you must place the sprite frames.
   Each frame is represented by a BMP, PNG, or JPG file.  The order of the
   frames is given by the filenames.  These filenames must also be named
   with 0-based numbers.  For example, 0.png, 1.png, 2.png.  Look at the
   sprites directory of the included SOTN default skin to see how it works.

Also be aware of memory constraints.  Let's say you have a frame of a sprite
called 0.png.  This picture file is 90 pixels wide and 130 pixels high.
This will get rounded up to a 256x256 pixel 32bit picture.  This means
that it will consume 256x256x4 bytes (256KB) of memory.  If your sprite has
10 frames of animation, that's around 2.5MB of memory.  Keep this in mind
before you make ultra-smooth moving sprites with hundreds of frames of

If you make/configure a skin and PCSXbox does not load the next time you
play it, then you need to go to the E:\UDATA\ffff051f directory and
search for the PCSX.INI and SKIN_SETTINGS.INI files in one of the
subdirectories.  When you have found them, delete them and PCSXBox should
run fine again, but you'll have to configure your skin again.  The problem
was probably that one of your resources (like a WAV or background file)
was specified incorrectly or was never changed from the old skin.
Carefully look at the SKIN_SETTINGS.INI file in the subdirectory off
of UDATA to make sure that all filenames exist in your skin directory.


You'll need a fast network.  :)

I've run some tests, and it seems that if you can transfer data to your
XBox at a rate of 1.5 megabytes per second or faster, then reading
a CD image from across your network should work fine.  If the games
are running really crappy, then your network is probably not fast enough.

To access your Samba share that you defined in your PCSX.INI file (see
configuration section above), first choose "Select a Game" from the main
menu.  Then continue to select the parent directory (always the first
entry in the list) until you get to the screen that displays the 
drives you can access (C, D, E, F, R, X, Y, Z, SMB).  Select the SMB
item and you should now be browsing your Samba shared files.

If you get no items in the SMB listing, then your share is probably not
defined correctly in PCSX.INI. (Did you remember to "Force Reload
of *.ini files" ?  See configuration section.

Controller Remapping

Configuration -> Configure Controllers

There are 32 general/all-purpose emulator "buttons" or actions.  Each of these
buttons can be assigned a specific emulator action.  For example, Emu Button 1
can be Cross, or Square, or L1, or Start, or DPad Down, etc.  These "emu 
buttons" can then be assigned XBox triggers.  For example, Emu Button 1
(which you have mapped to, for example, SQUARE) can be triggered by 
XBox controller button B.  The default button mappings should provide
enough information on how the system works and how it can be used.  


Configuration -> Configure Controllers -> Controller # -> Change Autofire

Each "Emu Button" can be set up for autofiring.  Simply set the autofire
variable to a non-zero value.  This value indicates how long the emulator
should wait before releasing and re-pressing the button.  A value of 1
might be too fast to register on some games.  I suggest setting it to a
number like 5 first and them fine-tuning it.


Setting up a combo can be kind of tricky because you need to know exactly
what the game expects to have happen on the joypads to execute the special
move.  For example, let's say that we want to map a standard move that is
described like this : 

D, DR, R, X

D = Down, DR = Down+Right, R = Right, X = Cross button

First, set the delay to a number like 2 or 3.  Then set up the moves.  In
this case, any (or none) of the following might work:






You will probably need to fine-tune each combo move before it works, but
you'll soon get the knack of it.

Graphics Filters

As mentioned above, the new filters are :

    - 2xSai
    - Super 2xSai
    - Eagle
    - Super Eagle
    - SuperScale
    - AdvanceMame 2x
    - Simple 2x

Some of them are faster than others, but they're all noticeably slower
than "no filtering".  I am not responsible for your favorite filter
making your game run slower than you'd like.  Turn on frameskipping and be
happy.  :P

MP3/M3U Playback

Simply select the MP3 or M3U file from the game-selection screen.

The M3U file can also just be a regular file with one songfile per line.
For example:


If you are making a playlist of songs on your SMB share, then please note
the format:


The smb:\ tells PCSXBox to read from your SMB shared directory.  Do not
put the SMB share definition in the filename.

----------SMB shared filenames are case sensitive!!!---------

Command-Line/Auto-Launching and Return to Launcher

This section is for the developers of frontends, dashboards, etc.

PCSXBox can be started with parameters to automatically launch a game
at startup.  Example code can be found in the custom_launch_params.cpp file.

There is also example code in that same file that will show you how to 
make PCSXBox load your frontend/dashboard when it exits.

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox,
Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox....what's next?



PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v3

What's New :
 - Saves graphics/CPU settings for each game

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox,
Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox....what's next?



PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v2

What's New :
 - Used new PCSX 1.5 source code
 - CDDA playback
 - Multi-disc support (go to options menu, then press Y to load new disc)
 - Added more CPU options :
    + Disable XA sound processing
    + Always enable SIO IRQ
    + Black and White movies (speed up movies)
    + Disable CDDA
    + Use CPU interpreter (slower, but possibly more compatible)
    + Always enable SPU IRQ
    + InuYasha Sengoku Battle fix (might fix other games as well)

Here's What's New from the v1.5 PCSX sources :
   * Added translation support, thanks to Zydio. 
   * Fixed several compatibility issues. 
   * Improved NetPlay code, added NETsetInfo, thanks to JNS. 
   * Fixed SW Ints, thanks to Xeven. 
   * Fixed Mdecs timing issues, thanks to Xeven. 
   * Fixed a bug related to Memcards in Xenogears. 
   * Decode_XA.c now uses fixed point, 
   * added NEGCON type to plugins.c/PsxBios.c
   * added a mingw32 port (yokota). 
   * Added preliminary MacOSX code (Stefhane Conversy). 
   * Fixed bug in CreateMcd (kitaro). 
   * Added a 'NO PIC' image. 
   * Pcsx now compiles without a recompiler. 
   * Same small speedups. 
   * Fixed RTPS/RTPT SXYP fifo issue, thanks to Xeven. 
   * VSync now has a Start and a End ;), thanks to Pete. 

If anyone is able to successfully fiddle with all the options to get Ape Escape
working on PCSX for Windows (or Linux or any other non-XBox platform), then please 
let me know and I'll look into adding analog support.  

Thanks again to Linuzappz and Pete Bernert for making the source available.
Obviously this port would not exist without these people.  

Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox,
Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox....what's next?



PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox v1



What's New :
 - Emulates Playstation
 - Memory Card manager (select from 10 memory cards)
 - Cheat code searching
 - Gameshark code-compatible
 - Gameshark cheat code database with codes for over 1700 games
 - Remappable PSX buttons
 - Throttle/speed-up
 - Supports BIN files or GZIP'd BIN files.  (GZIP is not the same as ZIP)
 - Background - Thanks to CandyISO for the background image 
 - True Type Font - Thanks to CandyISO for this PSX font
 - MP3 support
 - XPort's Configurable PlayThing :)


Press Y from the main menu for help.
Press LTHUMB from main menu for Configuration
Press RTHUMB from main menu to switch between CDROM Drive and Hard Drive
Press LTHUMB during gameplay for the options menu


Many thanks go out to the PCSX team for this great emulator and also to
Jens Duttke for his Gameshark cheat code database.

Also thanks to Lantus for helping me with the PAL issues I was having.  
Hopefully PAL users will be able to enjoy this just as much as NTSC users.

Further thanks to CandyISO for providing the background and TTF font.


This version does not support real CDs.  There are a different set of technical
hurdles involved with PSX cds than with SegaCD and PCE CD/SCD.  I was finally
able to get the XBox to read XA sectors, but it reads them much too slowly
for anyone to want to play games using it.  (Reads about 2.5KB per second)

For now, create BIN/CUE's of your PSX games and either copy them to your HD or
burn them to DVDR/CDRW.  Your BIN and CUE files should have the same names:

For example:


is a valid combination and


is not.

Furthermore, if you use GZIP to compress your BIN image, you will end up with
a filename like


This means that you need to rename your CUE file to be:


or you could rename the GZ file so that the two files are:


make sense?


A note about GZIP'ing your images.  Yes, they will work, but you will suffer
a performance hit because there's no "true" direct access to any position in
the file.  Let's say the game is reading sectors 1 to 100 - it'll read them
lickity-split, but then when it requests, say, sector 30000 is has to scan through
and do some processing on sectors 100 to 30000 before it can read the data instead
of just jumping directly to that spot and reading.  This is the nature of compression.
No, cacheing of data does not help in this case.  So, in a nutshell, compression
is supported, but I advise against it unless you run from the HD and have replaced
the standard XBox HD with a faster one.

You can make an XBox ISO with a BIN/CUE image on it, burn it to a disc, run PCSXBox 
from the HD, then press the RTHUMB button to get a listing of files on the disc.
This is to make upgrading easier for those who prefer to keep BIN/CUE images
on disc instead of on the HD.  


When you select the BIN file to load, you will be presented with an options menu.
You can start the game using one of two different BIOS methods.  Using an actual
BIOS file for the emulation is the most compatible, however it's a little slower
than HLE.  Try both and see which one works best for the game you're playing.


There is also a section for changing the graphics options.  If the game you want
to play has graphics problems or isn't displaying graphics (but you can hear sound)
then you might want to try fiddling with some of the graphics options.  There is
also a specific CPU option in this section for fixing Parasite Eve and Vandal 
Hearts 1 and 2.


Also on this options menu is the memory card manager.  From this section,
you can change the memory cards that are in slots one and two.  You have ten
different cards you can use.  Please note that changing the card number
while playing a game *does not* switch the actual memory card that the game is

XPort's Configurable PlayThing

This is part of a project I did many years ago that fiddles with 
curves and trajectories.  I thought it would look nice on the XBox.  You
be the judge.  :)  Move the character with the Left Analog stick and fire
using the B button.
(Hint - fiddle with the X and Y Multipliers on the "Squiggle" effect.)

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