X3 Config Live Build 1957

If you discover any bugs or wish to post successful test results please use this forum.



	- fixed: pal60 flags fuckup - this release should fix all pal60 issues (non working ms dash)
	- note: pal60 setting now moved to settings/video modes, only visible when current mode is PAL-I
	- fixed: "eeprom backup info" if no backup existent

	- fixed: display of wrong time after backing up Xbox eeprom in x3cl
	- fixed: local timezone bullshit - you wont get wrong values anymore when setting time in x3cl
	- info: steady hdd led in x3cl is normal -> x3cl is querying the hdd for free space left informations
	- added: x3cl now runs in widescreen too if widescreen enabled in eeprom
	- fixed: x3cl modeset switching problems; eeprom user section checksum calculation was fucked up - 
	  this caused non working widescreen/video mode settings! fixed and tested 100% now - please switch video modes in              x3cl one time to correct the eeprom user section checksum

	- changed auto-480p behaviour: 480p now automatically enabled in flubber&x3cl ONLY when we are on NTSC-U and 480p is 	  	  enabled in eeprom. If this is not the case then both things are displayed in 480i
	- tested bios on xcalibur/focus with *microsoft HD pack*, 32 testcases with various videomode combinations tested, 	  	  all work 100% now. 
	  *Don't* enable 480p in eeprom if you dont have a 480p capable device!!!
	- Note: other HD packs (and also x2vga) may bring different results!
	- fixed wrong time display - now x3cl displays/sets time with correct timezone

	- removed X3 flubber for now since it seems to be the reason for non booting games (fucked up framebuffer pointer?)
	- fixed "rename" function in ftp - works now
	- fixed "dir = 0kb file" problem on D: drive, other drives work perfectly (tested with flashfxp 3.0 b1015)
	- HALO 2 booting and working 100%, note: you have to disable debug mode (as you had to do in HALO 1) to make it work!

	- (finally?) fixed HDTV videomodes, tested on focus and xcalibur
	- x3cl now always 480p if hd pack is attached
	- startup anim now always 480p if hd pack attached
	- Saved Games DO work. If you saved games with the older versions of X3 then they may be corrupted. New saved games 	          will work - lame CERT bug, sorry.

	- fixed non working hdtv on conexant / focus 
	- 480p on xcalibur still not working - bughunting in progress 
	- fixed non booting games 
	- fixed system link problem on 1.6 - we need test reports 
	- fixed savegame corruption on 1.6 - we need test reports 
	- fixed problem when entering passwords. note: passwords are 8 chars max! 
	- ftp can now move files across drives, but note, this doesn't work with directories atm. XBOX API function 	  	          "MoveFileEx" only moves files across drives, not dirs. 
	- [TEMP. DISABLED DUE TO XCALIBUR 480P BUG] X3CL now displayed in 480p if hd pack attached 
	- [TEMP. DISABLED DUE TO XCALIBUR 480P BUG] flubber now displayed in 480p if hd pack attached 
	- When using FTP try to use a decent client like FlashFXP - we have zero issues. Using Internet Explorer ftp or some 		  other client maybe not be 100% 
	- Disabled the "3" Logo and put the XBOX text back on startup animation in preperation for your custom .x files on a 		  later build. 
	- Fixed X Logo positioning on different camera angles. 
	- X3 Flubber is a bit different - needs cleaning up - didnt have time for this build. 
	- FTP Rename still broke - will fix it on next build. 

	- fixed non working hdtv on conexant / focus
	- 480p on xcalibur still not working - bughunting in progress
	- fixed non booting games
	- propably fixed system link problem on 1.6, gotta be tested
	- propably fixed savegame corruption on 1.6, gotta be tested
	- fixed problem when entering passwords, note: passwords are 8 chars max!
	- ftp can now move files across drives, but note, this doesn't work with directories! XBOX API function "MoveFileEx"            only moves files across drives, not dirs!
	- [TEMP. DISABLED DUE TO XCALIBUR 480P BUG] x3cl now displayed in 480p if hd pack attached
	- [TEMP. DISABLED DUE TO XCALIBUR 480P BUG] flubber now displayed in 480p if hd pack attached
	- fixed bug that prevented flashing of backup flash rom
	- fixed bug when determining the filename of the just uploaded bios (happens with internet explorer only)
	- added display of hdd free space to x3cl main screen
	- fixed bug with crashing ftp server on rare occasions (THUG2)
	- fixed bug with dpad up/down crashing on xbox info screens
	- "site launch" ftp command fixed - this actually never worked correctly
	- removed "hurz and murz" the two idiots
	- fixed file/directory ftp move (RNFR/RNTO) (did that ever work correctly?)
	- added display of free space per partition in ftp dir listing
	- changed default animation
	- removed small blobs from x3 logo anim
	- removed f: g: drive partitioning on existing hdd in case they arent present
	- changed default color of "3"
	- checking for flash protection now before starting to flash
	- fixed non working random startup animation paths
	- many many textchanges
	- lcd backlight setting now configurable
	- tweaked lcd output a little bit
	- lcd welcome message (default: "www.teamxecuter.com") is now changeable
	- colorized new flubber/xlogo code
	- added several new flubber/xlogo toggles
	- fixed bug with temp. display on 1.6 when displaying messageboxes in x3 config live
	- now supporting nghtshd's partitioning tool - successfully tested, partitioning has to be enabled in x3 config live 	  	  to make it use a saved partition
	  (new option located under disk tools / new hdd upgrade)
	- backlight now enabled in x3 config live (will be configurable later)
	- 2 kernels now available, <1.6 and 1.6
	- added new startup animation code (will be configurable soon)
	- new lcd lib used
	- fixed problem with not disabling x3
	- disabled temperature display on 1.6 boxes
	- first 1.6 xbox bios release
	- full xcalibur support added
	- fixed logo colours
	- auto naming of flashed files
	- added x3 startup text (will be customizable in future versions)
	- changed flashing menu mechanism (now directly allows flashing without having to select flashname entry from menu)
	- rearranged menus a little bit
	- fixed nasty eeprom bug... if your eeprom is hosed now, just change something in vidmodes - it will be re-encrypted 	  	  again
	- fixed backup rom flashing
	- added lcd support (which can be toggled in menu)
	- added flashing of internal backup rom (crashes, due to cpld issues?)
	- changed code to new x3 config registers
	- after changing a dashname, the dash priority list is instantly updated
	- to define a transparent background for a logo, use color value #FF00F6 - it gets automatically replaced by 	  	  	  background color
	- ... and because of that, the x3 default logo now has a transparent background and looks great even on changed 	  	  background colors
	- added 4 new flubber color presets
	- quick-7am-in-the-morning-fix: rewrote controller query code to reliably handle removal/adding of 1-4 controllers
	- moved x3logo.bmp to E: drive
	- fixed lacking screenshot ability in colorpicker dialogues
	- screenshots now incrementally saved to e:\x3screenshots
	- screenshots now everywhere possible (even in keyboards, flashing, confirm. dialogues)
	- no more auto finishing of time/date entry, now has to be confirmed with y
	- added 256 colors 180x50 bitmap logo loading to kernel - put c:\x3logo.bmp with 256 colors (8bit) and 180x50px and 	  	  enjoy the colors on startup ;)
	- after bank switch you now can directly boot to this bank
	- added mod disable function -> reboots machine with mod disabled
	- fixed bug that you could hold any button to enter app, now only white is allowed, so first is checked for white, 	  	  then a,b,x or y and then dashes are run
	- fixed bug that when controller is removed then menu went dead
	- xshell is no longer loaded when debug is disabled
	- fixed all menu bugs
	- added cancel/-/_ button to keyboard, reworked key mappings
	- fixed cursor bugs
	- black + back combo does cold reboot
	- white + back combo does screenshot (e:\x3screenshot.bmp)
	- added ability to set LED color
	- autofill for date/time setting keyboard ("." between DD.MM or HH.MM is inserted)
	- beautified confirmation and info dialogues
	- added all encryption keys to x3data.txt
	- added all flubber / logo colors to x3data.txt
	- added display of manufacturing date / location and more hardware infos
	  any maybe even more? just tired right now...
	- e:\\dashboard.xbx is ignored now when debug is disabled (though, xshell is not runnable without dbd support! needs 	  	  exports!)
	- removed wiping of xeepromkey (normally this is a standard kernel function) - no more 0000 eeprom keys
	- dip switch display fixed (1-4 now)
	- re-arranged hdd setup menu
	- static ip now default