dvd2xbox by WiSo

Not all planned changes found their way in 0.6.0 but anyway, enjoy the new release and as usual report all bugs
to me at forums.xbox-scene.com or the sourceforge project page.

+ started to rewrite the underlaying file reader/writer classes (udf,dvd,iso9660,ftp)
+ ISO: fixed a memory leak in the ISO9660 copy module
+ DVD: fixed the long key crack time when copying .vob files
+ DVD: added cache for storing title keys
+ DVD: removed title crack method per default and let libdvdcss decide
+ FTP client: fixed a few bugs
+ Added the newest samba library from xbmc
+ replaced simplexml by tinyxml
+ added a lot of comments to dvd2xbox.xml
+ added a xbe information page to the main menu (press black to obtain informations about the inserted game)
  and to the disc browser (use the action menu to obtain informations about any xbe on hdd)
+ added a new ACL function called SR (set game region). The syntax is similar to SM (set media). See dexbe
  for allowed region settings. Default is all regions for all xbe's (SR|*.xbe|00000007|)
+ fixed ACL processing for multiple selection in disc browser (SF1042562)
+ fixed logfile writing when calling ACL processing manually
+ finally added the missing drives (c,x,y,z)
+ all ACL files from dvd2xbox.xbox-scene.com

+ ACL: added possibility to patch NTSC and PAL titles separately. dvd2xbox tries to detect it from the xbox eeprom
  and then searches for [titleID]_pal.acl or [titleID]_ntsc.acl. dvd2xbox uses its standard behaviour if the video 
  standard couldn't be obtained or the pal/ntsc acl file isn't found.
+ ACL: added ppf3 patcher sources and the makeppf3.exe binary as ppf2 seems to produces some error in conjunction with
  dvd2xbox (http://www.paradogs.com/pdx_ppf3.htm for more information).
+ linked to the newest OggVorbis and Lame libraries compiled by the XBMC team. This almost doubles speed for ripping
  /encoding to ogg and mp3. Kudos to the developer.
+ fixed a bug which could cause dvd2xbox to crash while ripping to ogg vorbis.

+ added a backup retry mode. If for any reason some files failed to copy a window will pop up and ask you
  to retry or to cancel (maincopy mode).
+ Testing: added a simple ftp client to the disk browser which lets you copy files from your xbox hdd (only hdd!)
  to a ftp server and vice versa (xbox<->xbox). Supported are basic functions like copy/delete,mkdir and rmdir/file.
+ added a simple text viewer. View your logfile directly in dvd2xbox after ripping etc (currently only support for
  files from UDF).
+ fixed a minor bug in the rename function (thanks to hubevolution and murdo).
+ removed acl.all from processing because it confuses to many people.
+ added a new ACL command (see ACLSyntax.txt for more):
  AP - applies patches in ppf format to a file (see http://www.paradogs.com/pdx_ppf2.htm for more info. The win
  binary makeppf.exe is included to create ppf files).
+ updated to the newest cdrip from cdex cvs.
+ fixed some smaller bugs.

Note: the ACL files changed. Remove your old copy and replace it by the files provided with this package.
To all ACL writers: the SM operation needs to be done in every acl file from now on due to the removal of the 
all.acl file.
Sorry if there're some bugs left but I don't have much time at the moment. Just report them to xbox-scene.com
and I'll try to fix them in the next version.
The Webpage will be updated when the ftp is back.

v0.5.7 bugfix
+ fixed the negative progress bar issue and freezes which may occur with it.

+ added possibility to rip to WAV. dvd2xbox now supports audio cd ripping to WAV, Ogg Vorbis and MP3.
+ added possibility to disable the automatic media change detection in the settings menu.
  Afterwards the media detection needs to be started manually with the BACK button in the main menu.
  This is only useful for those where external drives don't detect the media change. dvd2xbox may freeze
  when you press the BACK button and no media is present.
+ changed dumpdir tags in dvd2xbox.xml. You could now add as many dumpdirs you want.
+ added basic SmartX and Xenium LCD support. Enable it via the settings menu. (not tested due to lack
  of hardware. Please report bugs/non bugs to me at forums.xbox-scene.com).
+ removed auto patching item from settings as it confuses to many people and is obsolete.
+ fixed: dvd2xbox freezes after copying more than 50 files with long names (please test it with MotoTrax,
  I couldn't get a hand on it).
+ fixed: title editor overwrites the title id which makes game saves unusable.
+ small bugfixes and improvements.

Attention: the dvd2xbox.xml syntax has changed ! Use the xml provided with dvd2xbox and change it
           to your needs.

+ added lame encoder for audio ripping. Now dvd2xbox supports ogg vorbis and mp3.
+ added a second page to the settings menu for the audio parameters (left/right
  dpad for switching).
+ disk browser supports multi select for copy and rename option.
+ ACL: added xbe filename caching. *.xbe is much faster now and enabled per default.
  This may fix issue with games that have more than one xbe's which needs to be patched
  (was already default by auto patching mode).
+ from 0.5.4 release: added xbe title editor.
+ fixed: sticky right disk browser window bug.

+ ACL: fixed RM command
+ ACL: replaced ED and EF by EP (exclude path). Multiple entries are supported.
+ Maincopy: added samba client for XBOX game, DVD and ISO mode. ACL processing and auto patching aren't
  supported via smb (Thanks to darkie).
+ added a online settings menu and moved several entries from dvd2xbox.xml to it.
+ added a option to disable RM command while processing ACL.
+ ported newest libdvdcss because it is supposed to fix some bugs on windows platforms. However I still
  got some dvds which aren't properly decrypted. Therefore I changed the decryption to 'title' which
  produces some better results. That's from the readme:
	"title is the fallback when all other methods have failed. It does
	not rely on a key exchange with the DVD drive, but rather uses a
	crypto attack to guess the title key. On rare cases this may fail
	because there is not enough encrypted data on the disc to perform
	a statistical attack, but in the other hand it is the only way to
	decrypt a DVD stored on a hard disc, or a DVD with the wrong region
	on an RPC2 drive."
+ moved logfiles to dvd2xbox/logs to keep the game directory clean.
+ many internal improvements and bugfixes.

+ added changes from 0.5.2 tc1
+ moved ACL entries to the acl directory. Instead of having one file with all entries each title got its own
  file (titleID.acl). 
+ added all.acl which is processed for each title while default.acl is processed when no titleID.acl file is
+ moved excludeDirs and excludeFiles to the ACL system as items ED and EF.
+ improved wildcard searching for RM/SM/HR. See ACLSyntax.txt for details.
+ increased xbox native cache. This may improve copy performance for some XBOX games.
+ ACL processing could now be started over the action menu any time you want.
+ some minor changes to hdd browser.
+ changed video dvd copy mode. the dvd key is only calculated once now. However there're some issues with some
  titles not decrypted properly (Alien copied in less than 15 minutes and decrypted, TNG EU via hdd browser not decrypted).

This build is supposed to be a test candidate for those who have crashing problems with dvd2xbox
while pressing A in the main menu.
The archive contains two builds:
+ default.xbe	tc1
+ default.xbe_tc2 tc2 without title image

Use tc2 if you've also problems with tc1. If this helps the code will be merged in the main branch
otherwise other tc builds will follow (but probably not before new year). Sorry for the inconvenience
but this is needed because I can't reproduce the crash issues.
Please post your findings at xbox-scene.com.

+ added: Action Control List (beta). Now you're able to control the post processing for each title 
         using the dvd2xbox.acl file and the titleID. if it doesn't work for you or you do not
         like it set enableACL to 0 and standard patching is used.
         Currently acl supports four commands: SetMediaType,HexReplace,CopyFile and RemoveDir/File
         (see dvd2xbox.acl for more informations and the syntax).
         The acl list can only grow with the help of the community. Test it, add new entries and write
         me if you need new commands or to fix existing ones.
         Todo:  Print more information on report screen.
+ added: possibility to take network settings from dash when xboxip,netmask and gateway are empty.
+ added: newest ISO9660 sources from XBMC.
+ fixed: logfile writing disabled when setting logfile to 0.
+ fixed: some smaller bugs.

+ added a generic patcher interface. put files similar to the adr patcher syntax
  in the patches dir and you can patch any file via the disk browser.
+ fixed a bug in the patcher engine.
+ added a action menu to the disk browser. now all functions are accessible via
  a drop down menu.
+ added config options "excludeFiles" and "excludeDirs". Insert comma seperated
  file and dir names which should be excluded from being copied (for medias which 
  are detected as XBox games).
  Note: leave empty to gain maximum copy speed.
+ removed partition checking from iosupport and rearranged the detection class. This 
  may solve the "11mb video_ts" issue which mostly occure with thomson drives (please 
  report to xbox-scene).
+ added the XBMC VirtualKeyboard to the main copy module and the disk browser.
  Latter one allows you to rename directories and files. If there is a default.xbe in
  the directory the proposal for the new name is taken from the game title.

Please report any bugs to http://sourceforge.net/projects/dvd2xbox/.

g: drive bugfix.
The g: drive wasn't shown even when enabled due to a typo in the source.
Please test and report.

+ fixed a bug where ISO files weren't copied in the main copy module (not disk browser) 
  when they're in the root dir.
+ fixed a bug where not all encrypted DVDs are decrypted properly (still needs some
  tweaking to prevent css key generation for each vob separately. So dvd2xbox isn't
  crashed it's just generating the keys :-).
+ implemented newest ISO9660 sources from XBMC (Thanks to XBMC development and team Avalaunch.
  Seems to be a little slower but much more reliable. The most of my ISO CDs are working now).
+ added cdio library for iso9660 and CDDA detection (Thanks to XBMC development).
+ incorporated the newest source for lba48 support from XBMC (guys, what would I do without you ?).
  Should fix some issues with larger f:\ drives > 120GB.
+ added 'enableFdrive' do dvd2xbox.xml for boxes without f: drives.
+ renamed 'enablePart7' to 'enableGdrive' in dvd2xbox.xml.
+ fixed a bug where xbox games with a d:\video_ts folder are wrongly detected as video DVD.
+ fixed a bug where CDDA tracks with the same first 42 letters overwrites itself.
+ fixed a bug where dvd2xbox randomly crashes while counting the XBOX game size.

+ changed ISO9660 to the newest from XBMC (Thanks to XBMC development and team Avalaunch).
+ added fullpath to 'rename file' logging.
+ added the percentage as digits to the progress bars.
+ fixed a bug where box crashes while copying files (for more information use the search
  on http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php).
+ fixed a bug where .ogg tracks with too long file names weren't dumped.

Again a big thank to the xbox-scene community. Keep up the good testing. If you encounter
any other bugs post them in the forum with as much information as possible.

This version is only a bugfix for 0.4.6. It removes the double slash problem and should now copy
all files without problems. Thanks to the xbox-scene community for testing and pointing me to 
the problem.
Supplemental for the 0.4.6 changelog: I removed the copy retries because I agree that it makes
not much sense.

Last holiday update (work starts next week). The new dvd copy module is much more compatible than
in previous versions (older versions wrote vobs in 1GB chunks, current version makes an 1:1 copy).

Disk browser:
+ added support for encrypted DVDs (vob copy)
+ made left thumbstick less sensitive.
+ added a remove 'read only' file attribute before patching (to patch even files which aren't copied 
  with dvd2xbox :-).
+ added window refresh after changing media.
+ Helpscreen now always available via black button.
+ fixed bug where browser crashes when encounter disks with more than 100 files in one directory.

Main copy module:
+ all main copy modules switched to the new sources (CDDA working again).
+ added a 'total' progress bar to UDF/DVD copy module.
+ added display of remaining bytes to copy (UDF/DVD) and remaining free space (all types).
+ added a copy report which displays files copied,files failed to copy and files renamed
  (GAME COPY + files patched with media check 1 and media check 2 long or short hex string).

Currently I fully reprogramming the app to have it more structured and reliable using classes
and threads. Therefore the obvious changes may be rather small. You may notice that I focus work
on the disk browser. When it's finished the main copy module will also switch to the new sources.

Disk browser:
+ added support for the DVD drive and the following formats: UDF/ISO9660/CDDA
+ added copy support for UDF/ISO9660/CDDA. CDDA using CDDB naming. (comment fields are not filled
  for the time being. DVD copy and decryption support will follow in one of the next releases).
+ added a progress bar during file copy for UDF/ISO9660/CDDA+encoding using threads.
+ fixed a bug which crashes the box when activating partition7 support.
+ fixed a bug which crashes the box while copying files with zero size.

Main copy module:
+ added config option to disable/enable the auto eject tray feature.
- CDDA copy module still not working. Please use 0.4.3 instead or copy track wise via the disk

+ added support for partition7. enable it via enablepart7 in dvd2xbox.xml
  (not tested due to lack of a large hard drive).
+ improved visual gui (not through all sub menus due to underlaying architecture.
  Will be done later but has lower priority).
+ improved HDD browser. Now gui similar to WinCommander. 
  New features:
  - Copy files/dirs from one partition to another.
  - Show filesize.
  - Show XBE title saved in *.xbe.
  TODO: Support for DVD/CD-R (UDF/Video DVD/ISO9660)

+ added logfile writing for XBOX DVD and ISO copy mode
  (enable/disable via logfile param in dvd2xbox.xml. for those who can't read so fast. ;-)
+ changed set media type from 0x000000FF to 0x400001FF to enable start of app even from
  unlocked hdd.
+ added manual media check remover in browser mode. browse your hdd, select *.xbe file
  and press start to patch it.

+ added freedb support (audio cds are now recognize over freecddb.org and
  the encoded ogg files are named after title and artist. ogg tags are
  also filled in).
+ media patcher now checks all .xbe files after the dump (only default.xbe
  was patched in previous versions).
+ changed game title folder name parser from alpha numeric to fatX conform.
+ added background picture (still not the final one but I don't find an
  image which fits to a file manager app).

Please use the newest dvd2xbox.xml !

+ added 2 phase default.xbe media check (thanks to Xeero):
  first search for the 19 byte string. if found patch it and exit.
  if not found search for the 8 byte string. if found patch it and exit.
+ added config tag autopatch to enable/disable auto patching

+ added iso9660 filename parser (not fatx compliant characters will be filtered out
  and length will be cutted down to 42 letters)
+ added <copyretries> to dvd2xbox.xml. choose how many copy retries dvd2xbox should
  accomplish before it fails copying a file (iso9660 and UDF mode, reminds me on old
  Amiga days :-)
+ added simple Hdd browser with the following features:
  + delete highlited file or directory tree
  + launch game / app within directories (highlite default.xbe)

Please use always the newest dvd2xbox.xml file. The current XML parser hangs when
config entries aren't found !

+ added XBMP iso9660 reader for dumping ISO CDs (thanks to XBMP)
  (a lot of CDs doesn't work but don't ask me why because the code is almost 1:1 taken from XBMP)
+ added standard VCD and SVCD to media detection 
  (both dumped via XBMP iso code. same limitations than above)
+ Video DVD / XBOX DVD media size calculation now based on counting each file (thanks to BenJeremy)
  (takes a little bit longer but is much more accurate than GetDiskFreeSpaceEx)
+ only display warning if DVD media size is greater than free space
+ set UDF dump mode as default to try dumping if media detection fails

+ added display of media size (XBOX app / Video DVD)
+ added display of free space available
+ added check if dump media fits on hdd
+ added title parser which removes non alpha numeric characters from dump dir names
+ added progress display to Video DVD ripper
+ added creation of favorite dump directories when not found

+ increased Video DVD ripping speed
+ get name from Video DVD (unfortunately this functions failes for some encrypted discs,
  same function works in copy mode !?)
+ added CDDA and Data CD to media detection
+ added CDDA to ogg ripping/encoding using CDRipXlib (only vbr quality setting for the 
  time being, 0.1 lo up to 1.0 hi)
+ added config settings for background color (nothing mind but requested)
+ reenabled open tray notify

+ added config file. configure your favorite dump positions
+ added media detection (XBOX DVD / Video DVD)
+ copying Video DVDs using libdvdread/libdvdcss :-)
  (testing. still needs some speed improvements if possible. If DVD isn't
   authenticated, restart box and try again)

+ displays a warning and the filename if there are files with more than 42 letters

+ set media type to 0x000000FF 
+ removes media check 2 
  (for newer games like Red Faction 2, Tao Feng, etc.) 

+ fixed getTitle from xbe. 

+ extracts dirname from .xbe 
+ multiple dvd copies without reboot ! 
+ opens tray when copy is done (notify) 

thanks to all bug reporters and XBMP/XBMC for some ported libs and code snippets.
thanks to piet for the background pic and the Xcddb library.
please contact me over http://forums.xbox-scene.com/ for bug reports or feature requests.
Have a look at http://dvd2xbox.xbox-scene.com/ for news about dvd2xbox.
If you like this software you may donate to the dvd2xbox PayPal account which would allow me to
buy new hardware to test different settings (see http://dvd2xbox.xbox-scene.com/info_donate.html
for more).