DosXBox v4.0-HCl

Updated Dosxbox to use the latest cvs dosbox sources.

Changes compared to DOSXBox v4-HCl-BETA:

-fixed a bad memory leak in libsdlx 0.10 while changing the videomode (some games do this rather often)

-fixed ctrl-f9

-added some basic config options to the config tool, 
     - Abandoned readconf, since it was too crude and wasn't working properly,
	adding more config options instead.
     - Post on dosxbox forum for config options requests
       Note that changing the ramsize is hard to do while dosxbox is already running.
     Added options:
	-cpu_cycles <number>  - Set Cpu Cycles
	-frameskip <number>   - Set frameskip
	-cpucore [normal/simple/full/dynamic] - change cpu core, mostly for testing the 
						dynamic one.
	-stretchx <number> - set x stretch
	-stretchy <number> - set y stretch
	-screenx <number> - set x screen position
	-screeny <number> - set y screen position
	-writebat <filename> - write .bat file with config settings

-dynamic core added, unstable at the moment, it'll run hello world, but thats about it, still need to find out why.

-fixed loading of dosxbox.conf

-starts mystuff.bat on bootup.

Changes compared to DOSXBox v4.0-HCl:

-added networking support - untested

I'll be trying to get the dynamic core to run properly without crashing.. since the normal core is too slow for newer games.
Also on my todo list is mapping the controller to mouse, and virtual keyboard

Greets & have fun,