-------- NeoDashX Version 1.0 --------

Installation :

Once the archive is uncompressed, you'll see:

Folder " neodashx "
the file " neodashx.xbe "
the file " readme_fr.txt "
the file " readme_eng.txt "
the file " skining_fr.txt "
the file " skining_eng.txt "


Connect by ftp as usual and:
- place 'neodashx' folder on E: (only on E:, at root)
- place neodashx.xbe anywhere you want

Configuration :

To configure the dash, go in 'neodashx' folder, then 'config' and open 'config.xbx'
The configuration is explained in the file 'config_fr.txt'

To configure the ftp, open 'xboxdashfree.ini' in the same folder

Features :

Based on MS Dash 4920
7 tabs
Direct link for applications, emulators...
2 orbs on the Main Menu
Orb skinable
Orb built-in application, emulators menu
Possibilty to activate/desactivate the cellwall in the config.xbx
Possibilty to show an image in the orb, different images, both images or no image
Possibilty to activate/desactivate the orb's grid 
Transparency of the tabs when they are higher or lower
MemoryX built-in
ControlPanel built-in
ControlPanel can be called from anywhere in the dash
Management of backgrounds
- 20 diff. backgrounds
- possibility to set it as random
- realtime background changing by pressing the white button
FTP (even during dvd playback)
Play dvd without the remote
Music start on boot if the player is set to random
Tabs has been rebuilt to be more smooth


Main Menu :
White button >> Background change
Right Thumb >> Active/desactivate the random background
X >> ControlPanel
Black >> MemoryX

Music Menu :

X >> pause
Y >> stop
Right Thumb >> visualitation

The Team : 




Thanks :

2GAM for his help ( http://topsecret.myftp.org/ )
  Team Gueux for their suppport ( www.gueux.net )
BobMcGee for his coding of MemoryX
  Team THC for their excellent work ( http://www.xboxdash.net/news.php )
Xbox-Scene for the little 'plus' ( www.xbox-scene.com)
  Kanabera for his help on skinning ( www.kanaberra.net )
Gueux.net for their support on the prokect

Bug report :

To report bugs (if you find some) post in: