This is an EARLY BETA please report errors, problems, suggestions etc in the forums 

1)  Load SceneTool.exe
2)  Click 'Load Point Info'
3)  Load included pointinfo.kpi
4)  Alter points as you see fit by editing values in table on left
5)  Click 'Save Point Info' to save file so you can come back to it later
6)  Click 'Write Hex File'
7)  Quit SceneTool
8)  Unpack 4981 bios using XBTool
9)  Load HexWorkshop
10) Open kernel.img you just unpacked from .bin
11) Open the machinery.hbk bookmark file
12) Paste hex from Hex file you created with SceneTool
13) Save kernel.img
14) Pack bios using XBTool

et viola flash to xbox