**This version now supports sleep mode to all available firmwares!**

New in this version
- **Fixed sleep mode for 3.0.0 - 3.0.2**
- **Add status bar with battery info**
 Now you can always see your battery when into a time-consuming backup/restore.
- **Add background color support from bitmap's first pixel**
 If your logo is smaller than 720x1280, it will now use the first pixel as background color, instead of dark grey.
- **Add dumping of package2**
- **Unset archive bit to all sd card files re-added**
 Now it **does not touch Nintendo folder**. Keep in mind that this can mess with some homebrew.
- Fixed an issue with a non-working firmware launching when "Dump package1" was used before.
- Changed partial backup message to inform about the **sd card unmounting when in a menu**.
- Some small bugfixes.